Video visits

Currently only available for established patients.  Please call us at 208-263-1435 for an appointment. Thanks!

Please click the link below 5-10 minutes prior to your appt

Video Visit

Check out this great video about Video Visits!

Family Health Center is excited to now offer Video Visits!

Family Health Center Video Visit Financial Policy


Video Visits may also be called a Telehealth visits.  

  • Cash price for a video visit is $61.00. 
  • For patients who have Medicaid we will bill your insurance.
  • For patients who have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan – Video visits are not currently available.
  • For patients who have other commercial insurance - Please check with your insurance company to see if a Video Visit (telehealth visit) is a covered benefit. We will gladly bill your insurance but at this time most insurance companies are not paying for video visits and you may find that the visit will be denied as patient responsibility and you will be responsible for the entire $61.00 charge. You do have the option to pay cash for the visit and not have us bill your insurance.
  • Not all doctors in our office offer Video Visits.

If you have any questions please contact our billing department prior to your appointment. We are here to help!