Family Health Center Services


Same-day & Urgent Care appointments

Family Health Center knows that you can't always wait days or weeks to be seen so we offer same-day appointments for urgent care needs such as acute injuries or illness.  This allows our established patients to be seen by a physician who is familiar with their health and avoid a costly urgent care or emergency room visit.

We will make every effort for acute illnesses to be seen as soon as possible.  Examples of acute illnesses are:

· Acute injuries

· Allergic reactions

· Asthma

· Cold and flu symptoms

· Cough

· Diarrhea

· Earache

· Fever

· Nausea

· Rash

· Sore Throat

· Urinary tract infection

Same-day appointments are not usually for chronic issues such as diabetes, medication refills or wellness exams.  However, if we have availability you may be offered an appointment that same day.  We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.

Same-day appointments are not for medical emergencies.  If you are experiencing an emergency please call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Men's Health Care

Family Health Center offers men's health care services for all stages of your life, from preventative health to sports injuries, we are here to help.

Examples of services:

· Employment Physicals

· Prostate Screening

· Vasectomy

· Wellness Exams

Pediatric & Adolescent Care

Family Health Center knows that choosing a physician for your child is an important decision and we will do our best to provide you and your child with quality health care for all stages of their childhood.  

Examples of services:

· Camp & Sports Physicals

· Circumcision

· Immunizations / Vaccinations

· Newborn Care

· PKU tests

· Sports Injuries

· Well Child Exams

Women's Health Care

Family Health Center offers Women's Health Care for all stages of your life.  From Family Planning to Menopause we are here to help.

Examples of services include:

· Annual Pap and Breast Exams

· Birth Control

· Colposcopy

· Endometrial Biopsy

· Family Planning

· IUD insertion and removal

· Menopause

· Pregnancy Testing

· Wellness Exams


Family Health Center can frequently perform necessary procedures right here in the office.

Examples of procedures and surgeries we provide:

· Circumcision

· Colonoscopy (performed at BGH)

· Colposcopy

· Cosmetic Botox 

· Cryotherapy / LEEP

· EGD (performed at BGH)

· EKG 

· Endometrial Biopsy

· Immunizations

· Injections

· IUD placement and removal

· Joint Aspiration

· Lab Draws

· Lacerations / Sutures

· Lesions/Cysts/Wart removal

· Mole Biopsy and Excisions

· PFT's (Pulmonary Function Testing)

· Retinal Eye Screening (for Diabetic Patients)

· Skin Biopsies

· Splinting and Casting

· Vasectomy